Ambient Trips

Ambient Trips is a visual arts project started in 2018, aiming to show world around us in a different way, embrace the beauty as well as point out modern world’s issues and lack of connection with nature and true self.
Combination of organic approach and tech. In between analog thoughts, ideas, magic of psychedelic visions and digital technology, zeros and ones, nothingness and wholeness.

It’s my manifest where I embrace nature and technology through my experiences with psychedelics, meditation, self-improvement and creative use of modern technology, video and photo manipulation software.
Observation of fractal nature of reality that we happen to live in.

Treeatures (Drzewory)

It’s a project started in 2019, showing many beautiful creatures that live in the forests. It’s inspired by my walks in nature and my perception of wood lands and trees as an amazing species who talk to each other utilizing mycorrhizal networks (huge networks built by mushrooms under the soil, they transport nutrients and “information” about dangers close-by between trees, which is a stunning discovery). These images are processed in a way that over-emphasize shapes and colors to focus on what I see in them. Enjoy!