“The geometric artwork suggests Emiji hears the mathematical roots of the sounds and their connection to one another and their relationships and put the track together with the organic flow in mind the way one might model weather systems, the way Ryoji Ikeda has mapped out generative sound that seems to follow no formal logic but whose vectors are explicable through mathematical modeling and representation with a visual component.”

(Queen City Sounds)

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‘The album sets out to bring you on a course to perhaps bring up emotions that had previously been neglected. This is not an album to be played on a commute or to an extensive exercise routine, but it never said it wanted to be. The piano plays the most important roll throughout and is a catalyst for all other creative input. “My Journeys” is an incite to the creative process of Emiji and it was a pleasure to be shared with such a project’. – MacMusic.

This album is supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media via the MISP Album Release Stimulus grant.

‘Larimar’, Emiji’s first release of the year, is a cinematic overture of serenity, delving deep into the human psyche in aid of examining the importance of understanding one’s turmoil on the never-ending road to inner peace. “Knowing your dark side is knowing your light” Emiji explains of the track’s inspiration, “It’s a reference to Jung’s shadow that I work on to integrate, knowing I’m not perfect and that I have a dark side that I can understand. This makes peace inside of me and allows me to be a happier human being”.

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