Apart of composing cinematic music I do commercial production, on-line mixing and mastering (streaming, CD, vinyl).

I’ve been involved professionally in music production, mixing and mastering for nearly two decades, working in small project studios as well as top notch recording studios full of hardware. Though my main production and mixing tool nowadays is a laptop with state of the art plugins. I know the importance of good acoustics, speakers, mics and preamps and so on, my experience taught me that most of work can be done using plugins. Especially with today’s approach and artists’ desire for a perfect sound for their project.

Contact me for further details. Music that I’ve helped creating has been listened in millions and nominated for a several prizes in Ireland and Poland.

Clients from many various genres include (in random order):

Pola Rise, Rocstrong, Rushes, Hvmmingbyrd, MxM, Barq, Nealo, Avelina, MANOID, Sandra Maria, Tanjier, Four Nights, AikJ, Soule, Flynn, DAY_S, Nandu, Gooral, Absys Records, Radicall, Hidden Element, Fre4knc, Evocativ, Nuage, Mortem, HeadRead, Mauoq, Adi Sharma, SGNL and many, many more.

Here you can have a listen to some of music I worked on before: